Congress / Convention

A true place of study, exchange and debate, the congress brings your guests together to share knowledge and discoveries. 

Whether it targets your employees or partners, R2 Stand & Event will help you organize your conferences and conventions for a smooth event. From the choice of the venue and its layout to the complete management of the event on D-day, your event will be unforgettable for all its participants!

R2 Stand & Event offers you a highlight in line with all the trends and innovations in the sector, focusing on the involvement and participation of your audience. Our teams will support you to create the attachment of each stakeholder.

The event that suits you: the R2 promise!

Dedicated to meeting all your expectations, the R2 Stand & Event team offers to compose an unforgettable moment for your partners.

According to your specifications, we will offer you several options for accommodation, working environments or sports and/or cultural activities. 

Count on our know-how to orchestrate a strong moment, beneficial for each of your guests.

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